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Netflix allows you to watch a movie for free without having to subscribe


For those who live in a cave, Netflix is ​​a monthly online television service that currently has more than 60 million users. It is an online television platform where you choose what and when to watch it. It allows you to choose from a huge catalog of movies, series and documentaries, among other content.

Would you be able to see the Lord of the Rings and not the two towers, the return of the King, the Hobbit? (some sure do). Well, that’s what Netflix wants to play with when it comes to offering a movie for free. The streaming service started with this marketing strategy so that users would be influenced when deciding if paying a subscription to the platform is worth it. The strategy gains more notoriety in the series section, in which they only offer you the first free chapter (enough to get hooked) or the complete first season in the event that the series has several.

For example, in the case of the production: To all the boys I fell in love with, with a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes, the film tells the story of a girl who is involved in a compromising situation when she sees how her love letters arrive at the hands of the five boys with whom she has fallen in love. Netflix is ​​offering the film for free with the vision of releasing the second part in a short time and indirectly forcing users to pay a subscription to have the continuation.

This is not the first time that Netflix has offered movies for free to all users. Previously, it had already offered the first chapter of its Elite series in Colombia and Mexico, as well as other content in different countries such as the United Kingdom. However, To all the boys I fell in love with launches a strategy in Spain and the United States, countries where we can enjoy the content for free.

Over the years, the video platform has become a benchmark in the streaming sector worldwide, even though it has had to face off against other excellent proposals such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video, for example. However, right now, in 2020, many consider that the most difficult moment for the company is yet to come, a moment that will occur, as expected, during the current year.

And it is that, it must be taken into account that, despite the enormous success of the video service, these months that are to come will be crucial for the future of the firm in the short / medium term, something that seems to have already happened. it begins to intuit and that it begins to affect the growth figures of the company itself.

Last November, the Apple TV + platform was launched, which started strong, taking several Netflix users to its land with its content and services. But the big bomb remains, in March 2020 the Disney + platform will be launched in Spain, the Disney company, having in possession of the Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and many other licenses, will force Netflix to remove quite a lot of quality commitment that until now had on its platform.

Before finalizing the article, I would like to remind you that you can contract Netflix through Movistar with two available modalities: the standard one, which supposes an additional price of €10 on top of the Fusion rate; and the Premium.

Movistar also proposes offers for new customers who contract this service, allowing savings of up to more than €100 a year, offering the same service and content as the streaming platform, and of course, without losing access to its services and all the content. original offered by Movistar.

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