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Nannyfy TV: the interactive entertainment and learning platform for children


During the coronavirus crisis, companies were forced to adapt their business model. Reinvent or die. As a result, many businesses moved their activity to the online territory. This is the case of Nannyfy, an application that has not stopped evolving in the face of the new needs that have arisen during the pandemic.

The founder, Claudia de la Riva explains the evolution of the brand. Initially it was an application that served as a meeting point between families and trusted and experienced nannies. Due to the confinement, the caregivers were no longer able to go to the families’ homes. They reoriented the business with the launch of E-activities, becoming the first platform in the sector that taught classes by video call. This would be the precedent for his latest innovation, the Nannyfy TV platform.

Is technology safe in children’s education?

New technologies are very useful to develop innovative education and entertainment tools for children. However, there are times when the content to which children are exposed is not always the most appropriate or does not favor socialization among them.  

This is how Nannyfy TV emerged, an  online entertainment and learning platform  for children between the ages of 4 and 12 that offers both videos on demand and live sessions guided by professional babysitters.  

To ensure the peace of mind of parents, Nannyfy is in charge of evaluating both the babysitters and the content that is broadcast on the platform. It is also in charge of guaranteeing the quality of the ideal content according to the age of the children. At the beginning of the session, users must select one of the age blocks between 4-6 years, 7-9 years or 10-12 years.  

To attract the attention of children, on Nannyfy TV, all content is original and is aimed at offering children a space that allows them to learn while having fun. Among the contents of Nannyfy TV, painting sessions, experiments, crafts, math classes, music, sports, cooking sessions without fire or history classes stand out. Most of the sessions are in Spanish, although other languages ​​such as English are also offered.  

The second school at home

In addition, through the application,  children will be able to follow the sessions live through the virtual classroom, where they will be able to interact with the kangaroo and the different children who attend the activity. Nannyfy TV offers exclusivity in its treatment of the little ones, creating a  safe environment  where there will be a small number of children of the same age, which favors interaction between all of them. 

With its two service modalities, Nannyfy TV is capable of providing solutions to all users based on their preferences or needs. The free basic service stands out, which will guarantee access to a limited set of videos on a monthly basis. And on the other hand, the premium service will offer unlimited access to all the contents of the platform, both videos and direct, for a final price of €22.99/month. 

Likewise, Nannyfy has its own Living Appen Movistar+, where you can enjoy a large amount of entertainment, sports, training, shopping, etc. content. Access Movistar+ through the UHD Decoder and select the “Apps” section on the left of the search engine from the Menu to enjoy this experience from your sofa.

Technology applied to the world of children has a lot of potential and in situations of confinement such as those experienced with COVID-19, this type of initiative has been a great ally for parents and teachers. How do you think technology can help in this field? What do you think of Nannyfy’s proposal to combine the online world with socializing?  

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