TravelLoreto: the Peruvian heart of the Amazon jungle

Loreto: the Peruvian heart of the Amazon jungle


Peru defines itself as “the richest country in the world”. So says its country brand slogan. He does it under the idea that “it is not richer who has more, but who lives more unforgettable experiences.” The truth is that in Peru the variety of experiences that the traveler can live is more than remarkable.

Peru is a place where it is possible to cross dunes and waves at full speed on the hot desert coast, but also the paths traced by the Incas through a mountain range of impressive contrasts or go deep into an exuberant jungle. Precisely this last is what the region of Loreto that we are approaching offers to the visitor.

It is the largest department in Peru and one of the least populated in the country. A haven of peace in which to enjoy an impressive nature since the region is irrigated by the Amazon River, which runs through the Peruvian low jungle and gives away a great biodiversity in its path.

The department of Loreto presents a dense jungle vegetation, characterized by an impressive landscape richness. Undoubtedly, Loreto is one of the Peruvian tourist destinations that deserves a stop along the way to enjoy its wonderful and inspiring nature.

Every route through the department of Loreto starts in its capital, Iquitos, which is the starting point for all experiences in this exuberant region. Iquitos offers attractions such as the Casa de Fierro, designed by Gustave Eiffel, the Amazon Museum with its collection of indigenous statues from the region and the Tarapaca boardwalk with its mansions from the rubber era and mansions decorated with tiles.

Iquitos is also the gateway to Pacaya Samiria, the most important natural reserve in the region and one of the most outstanding in Peru. It has more than 85 lakes and exuberant vegetation that is home to 130 species of mammals such as the jaguar, the wild cat, the river wolf and capybaras (the largest rodent in the world).

The Amazon shocks in its immensity. It is drawn as a huge snake that makes its way through the jungle and its course is full of legends and towns rich in history. This river, considered the widest and mightiest in the world, is one of the great freshwater reserves on the planet, accounting for 20% of the world’s freshwater supply.

More than half of the 6,800 km long Amazon River is in Peruvian territory, specifically 3,713 km. As it passes through Peru, in the Loreto area, the Amazon flows through a very winding route, with numerous curves that constitute wide meanders in constant evolution given the wide flow.

Endangered species such as the charapa turtle, the maquisapa and the pink dolphin live in the waters of the Amazon in this area of ​​Peru. The great diversity of fauna also includes paiches, piranas and in its waters the Victoria Regia flourishes, which is a type of impressive water lily with circular leaves that reach up to five meters in diameter.

In addition to a powerful nature, in the immense territories of the Amazon in the department of Loreto there are populations of native and aboriginal communities, as is the case, for example, of the Boras and the Yaguas. These tribes keep many of their ancestral customs deeply rooted, such as art, their language, their dances or their food.

The Amazon as it passes through Peru can also be traveled on a cruise, in ships that make one-week tours. These organized trips include walks through the jungle, visits to native towns, night expeditions and fishing. Undoubtedly a good way to explore this gift of nature that is the Peruvian region of Loreto.

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