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Enjoy with your family all the music on offer at Hogar Movistar


Can you name some benefits of music? Beyond the fun of being able to sing it in a live concert, or dance it shamelessly on a dance floor, there are other reasons why listening to music in your daily life is good for your health.

For starters, it reduces anxiety, since listening to your favorite song lowers cortisol levels, the stress hormone. It also releases dopamine, increasing feelings of joy, excitement, and happiness. Or, the well-known  music therapy or “music therapy”, which has many advantages. For example, it is used to reduce pain in diseases such as osteoarthritis. Also, and it is a very important point for the little ones in the house, it is a  source to boost memory because it activates various parts of the brain. Sounds good, right? These are just some of the many health benefits of listening to music. 

In addition, one of its advantages is the easy accessibility it has. You can listen to melodies from almost anywhere at any time you want: the playlist you created with your girlfriend on your mobile, on the bus going to work to lift your spirits, with wireless headphones while doing sports… there are many options that you have to cheer you up with the best songs in your day to day. 

And of course, you can also enjoy all these benefits that  music offers you at Hogar Movistar. If you are a Movistar Fusion customer, turn your home into a personalized place where you can enjoy unique experiences with your loved ones. Keep reading to discover how you can  have fun with a wide range of music  in the Living Apps with the UHD Decoder, and on the Movistar Home device by having a Fusion with Fiber package.  

What Living Apps include music in the Digital Home?

In Movistar+ you can access the digital experiences section to the left of the magnifying glass, through the ” Apps ” button. There you can find different Living Apps related to music to enjoy with the family. To do this, you only need to be a Movistar Fusion Client and have the UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder that allow you to access the applications. 

For example, in the street ” Leisure and Entertainment ” you can set up a karaoke in your living room with the Kanto Living App. More than 20,000 songs available on your television for you to have a good time with family or friends. In it you will find different playlists; heartbreak, weekend party, duets…

In addition to accessing them through the Movistar+ menu, you can do so by voice. Thanks to Aura, the virtual assistant, you can open them in a more direct way. You just have to press the “Aura” button on the Movistar+ Voice Command and say ” Open Kanto “. And stay tuned because each time new experiences will be integrated so that you can enjoy a greater offer of music at Hogar Movistar.

Dance to the best songs thanks to Movistar Home

Another of the devices where you can find a wide variety of  music at the Hogar Movistar  is Movistar Home, which also integrates Aura so you can access its functionalities with your voice. Allows you to listen to a total of  30  music stations  without commercial interruptions. There are different genres such as “top most listened to songs in Spain”, “children’s music” or “relaxing music”. The lists are updated so that the themes are not repeated and you can be aware of the latest trends. To access it say, for example, ” OK Aura, play rock “. 

It also includes the radio so you can listen to music or the latest news on your favorite station. Access by saying “OK Aura, I want to listen to Los 40 Principales” and cheer up the day. Another of its features are the  podcasts that you can listen to thanks to the incorporation of iVoox.

These are just the music features that you can enjoy, but there is more like making video calls or controlling Movistar+. Discover all here. And best of all, you can receive your device at home in less than two days for just 19.90 euros, a single fee. Do not wait any longer and if you have contracted a Fusion with Fiber package, buy yours through the website. 

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