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All the series and movies coming to Movistar Plus+ in January: Black Phone, Jurassic World Dominion, and much more


Avalanche of novelties in Movistar Plus+ in the new year. A few exclusive movies and author series to start entertaining 2023.

We have the complete list of series and movies that premiere in January 2023 on Movistar Plus+. As is tradition, abundant Spanish cinema, Hollywood blockbusters, and quality series among the novelties. Let’s see it in detail.

In the films section we have the closing of the Jurassic Park saga, successful Spanish comedies, horror and fantasy films by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, the latest film by the director of Mad Max: Fury Road and a lot of European cinema.

If you prefer series, new seasons of two highly successful series await you at Movistar Plus+, and a new one about poisoned Russian spies.

You can see all these premieres on the channels Estrenos por M+ (dial 11), Estrenos 2 por M+ (dial 12) and in the on-demand service for all customers with the cinema option.

Movies released in January 2023 on Movistar Plus+

The most popular premiere is possibly Jurassic Park Dominion, which closes the new trilogy of the saga.

The highlight is the return of the three protagonists of Spielberg’s first installment, almost 30 years later: Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill. It opens on January 13, and here you can see a trailer:

Among the Spanish film titles we have La vida padre, a comedy with Karra Elejalde and Enric Auquer. He talks about parent-child relationships while criticizing the culture of success and a society based on appearances that doesn’t let us enjoy what really matters: being happy.

By the Hair, a Self-Esteem Story, follows Juanjo, Sebas and Rayco, three friends opposed to each other with only one thing in common: they are running out of hair and their self-esteem is on the ground. His salvation seems to be in Turkey and its low cost hair tourism.

With Carlos Librado Nene (Operation Shrimp), Antonio Pagudo (La que se avecina), Tomy Aguilera (Skam), Amaia Salamanca (Without boobs there is no paradise), Eva Ugarte (The game of keys) and María Hervás (Shame).

Another of the most anticipated titles is Black Phone, Scott Derrickson’s adaptation of the horror story of the same name, written by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King.

Black Phone places its action in a small town terrified by a sadistic murderer of children. His latest victim is teenager Finney Shaw, locked in a basement next to a disconnected black phone. This is the trailer:

Premiere series January 2023 on Movistar Plus+

Three international series with interesting themes also arrive on the Spanish platform.

The first is the final season of Happy Valley , which closes the series. Winner of five BAFTA awards, it is one of the most acclaimed crime dramas on British television in recent years. It opens on January 3 with weekly chapters.

In Season 2 of Happy Honor, Bryan Cranston is a respected New Orleans judge whose honest life is derailed when his teenage son accidentally kills the son of a crime boss. It arrives on January 13.

Litvinenko tells the true story of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, allegedly poisoned by his own country when he went over to the other side. He died in 2006. The leading role is for David Tennant, one of the most beloved doctors (Who). The premiere is on January 11.

In summary, high-quality series and movies in the Movistar Plus + premieres in January 2023. You have more information on the Movistar Plus+ website.

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