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7 Movies You’ve Surely Seen Once, Twice, or Even Five Times


Today it’s time to go straight to the heart to the cinephile heart that you have inside. For this reason we wanted to make a compilation of films that, year after year, you see without remedy or shame. Movies that are still good no matter how many times you see them.

There are movies that connect with our soul and can’t get out. Or, rather, we don’t let them out. The one you always see when you’re sad, or that other one that makes you come down hopelessly. They are stories that fill us inside and we don’t know why.

It could already be the script, the setting, the actors… call it what you want, magic would also be worth it, but the reality is that if changing the channel we see that they are broadcasting it on some channel, we have to stay until 2 in the morning to finish it. No matter the ads (you may even have it on Blu-Ray), duty calls you.

We have ours, you have yours. And this is a very personal collection, but we have tried to offer a series of films that are very internationally accepted as works that have always been liked, throughout the decades, managing to be immortal over time.

Surely we have managed to hit the nail on the head in this list of seven films, but if you have yours and you think they are much better, do not hesitate to write to us on social networks with your film proposal. There is nothing like recommending movies (and if they are action, better).

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Without further ado, let’s go with our list of movies that you would watch over and over again without hiding. They can already be typical of Christmas as they are more than Easter. The reality is that if we see a frame on TV we can no longer take our eyes off it. It’s seeing Aragorn enter Edoras and having to stay 3 hours on the couch…

7 Movies You’ve Surely Seen Once, Twice, or Even Five Times

  • Gladiator
  • Los Goonies
  • Pretty Woman
  • Fight club
  • Gremlins
  • The Godfather
  • Breakfast with diamonds


In the year 180, the Roman Empire dominates the entire known world. After a great victory over the northern barbarians, the aged emperor Marcus Aurelius decides to transfer power to Maximus, a brave general of his armies and a man of unwavering loyalty to the empire.

But his son Comodo, who aspired to the throne, does not accept it and tries to assassinate Maximo wait, are we counting what Gladiator is about? Come on, we’re crazy to think you don’t know this movie after seeing it 98 times and counting.

Gladiator is the most important historical action film of the 21st century and that was released in the very year 2000 under the direction of Ridley Scott, and behind the camera with Russell Crowe as the protagonist and Joaquin Phoenix as a villain.

He won five Oscars, two Golden Globes, four BAFTA Awards and many more. We are talking about a television classic and one of those movies that make you want to leave everything in search of revenge and honor. Luckily those times are over, how often cold going all day in sandals.

  • Title: Gladiator
  • Release date : 2000
  • Duration : 2:35 hours
  • Plataforma: Netflix

Los Goonies

Mikey is a thirteen-year-old boy who, along with his older brother and his friends, form a group that calls themselves the Goonies. The objective is to go on adventures and have a good time, like any group of American children from an eighties movie.

One day they decide to go up to the attic of their house, where their father keeps antiques. There they find a map of a lost treasure dating from the seventeenth century, from the time of the pirates, and they decide to go looking for it full of adventurous spirit. Also, they need the money to keep the group together.

Although we all attribute this adventure to Steven Spielberg, the reality is that it is directed by Chris Columbus with a script by Spielberg, of course. The celluloid genius oversaw the film from the first sketch to its theatrical release.

For many actors this film was the beginning of their career, such as Sean Astin, Josh Brolin… but, most importantly, it has been part of our childhood and adolescence for decades. It’s irresistible to see her just “one more time, for old times sake.”

  • Title: The Goonies
  • Release date : 1985
  • Duration : 1:49 hours
  • Platform : Movistar Plus+

Pretty Woman

Edward Lewis is a lonely businessman. One night he hires the services of Vivian Ward, a prostitute. When Edward has to attend an unavoidable social event in Los Angeles the next morning, he offers Vivian to stay with him for the whole week to attend various events.

The young woman, who despite her profession is a hopeless romantic, accepts. Little by little, Edward and Vivian get to know each other and the chemistry between them grows in such a way… and little by little, the attraction turns into love, but there is a problem: the end of the week is coming.

We have seen this movie about 156 times on television over the last three decades and it is impossible to get tired of the couple that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts make. Masterfully directed by Garry Marhsal, this may be the greatest Comedy/Romance movie ever.

Pretty Woman is available on a lot of platforms as a rental and on two of them it is part of the library: Disney + and Apple TV+. So now you know, you can even choose where to spend the next two hours.

  • Titulo: Pretty Woman
  • Release date : 1990
  • Duration : 2:00 hours
  • Platform : Disney+

Fight club

A young man fed up with his gray and monotonous life struggles with insomnia. On a plane trip he meets a charismatic soap salesman who holds a very particular theory: perfectionism is a thing for weak people; Only self-destruction makes life worth living.

Both then decide to found a secret fight club, where they can unleash their frustrations and anger, which will be overwhelmingly successful because their fame and number of members continues to grow. Things get out of hand.

One of the most impressive, adult and fun modern classics of our time, for many it is a movie that absorbs the viewer. Hence we have seen it 30 times and counting. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are brutal.

The director, by the way, is David Fincher, famous for making movies like Seven, Lost, Zodiac… and series like Mindhunter. Come on, he doesn’t do bad deeds, although you have to have nerves of steel to put up with them.

  • Title: Fight Club
  • Release date : 1999
  • Duration : 2:13 hours
  • Platform : HBO Max


Young Billy Peltzer receives a rather unusual gift for Christmas. His father, a clueless inventor, buys him a strange pet named Mogwai. Despite its kind and huggable appearance, special care must be taken with the pet.

It is important that you do not come into contact with water and, above all, that you do not eat after midnight. But due to an oversight, Mogwai gets wet and several companions just like him come out of it, of course, this time they are a bit perverse.

This gang of naughty creatures will do everything possible to eat after midnight. If you didn’t see Gremlins as a child we don’t blame you, they were scary and too badass for our parents to let us enjoy it in peace, but there are millions of us who watch it every year.

Another Christmas classic that is usually shown on television (like Pretty Woman) and that we have been able to see hundreds of times. What’s more, for many it is a tradition as sacred as it is to eat nougat and polvorones after the Christmas meal.

  • Title: Gremlins
  • Release date : 1984
  • Duration : 1:41 hours
  • Platform : HBO Max

The Godfather

America, the 40s. Don Vito Corleone is the respected and feared boss of one of the five New York mafia families. He has four children: Connie, the impulsive Sonny, the weak-hearted Fredo, and Michael, who wants nothing to do with his father’s business.

When Corleone, against the advice of ‘Il consigliere’ Tom Hagen, refuses to participate in the drug business, the boss of another gang orders his assassination. Then begins a violent and bloody war between the mafia families.

This classic is considered the best film in the history of cinema, which is said soon. And while this is a matter of taste, Francis Ford Coppola managed to create a totally timeless, perfect and addictive work. It is impossible not to see her once a year. It’s even tasteful.

It is to see on a lot of platforms: Netflix, Prime Video and HBO Max. And if we want to buy or rent it, it’s in another bunch of services, so you won’t miss an opportunity to enjoy it for the nineteenth time.

  • Title: The Godfather
  • Release date : 1972
  • Duration : 2:59 hours
  • Platform : PrimeVideo

Breakfast with diamonds

Holly Golightly is a beautiful young New Yorker who apparently leads an easy and happy life. She has quite extravagant behavior, for example, having breakfast contemplating the window of the luxurious Tiffanys jewelry store.

One day Paul Varjak, a writer who, while waiting for a success that never comes, lives at the expense of a mature woman, moves into his same building. Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard give life to a film as iconic as it is revised.

An enduring classic that everyone likes, that has been broadcast on television hundreds of times and that has been making young and old people fall in love for six decades.

You have to see it on Filmin, the platform for good classic cinema (and where there are more current jewels that are well worth seeing, don’t lose sight of it, it is also Spanish). She doesn’t tire, Audrey doesn’t tire, that’s her magic.

  • Title: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Release date: 1961
  • Duration: 1:50 hours
  • Platform: Film

We are very sorry if you have now entered an infinite loop of movies that you had not seen for a long time with some good popcorn and a blanket. 

The weekend and Christmas are the perfect time to enjoy these works of art.

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