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7 adaptations to series and movies of classic children’s novels


The cinema and streaming platforms are full of great series and movies that have been adapted from incredible children’s novels that are great classics. Let’s see some of them.

Of course, few things are better (and worse) than seeing one of your favorite childhood books come to the big and small screen. And it is that, as it happens with all adaptations, it can become a double-edged sword, especially if we talk about books that you have kept in your mind since you were very little.

Does the cast of characters match how you imagined them while reading? Is the movie faithful to the book or does it stray too far? These are just some of the questions that one asks when they announce a new series or movie of a book. There are even some that you dream of seeing in the cinema or on some platform, but that have not yet come out, like these that we leave you with.

Be that as it may, it is always advisable to read the book first before seeing the adaptation. Thus, the visual effects and the actors do not interfere with your imagination and that beautiful creativity of reading is broken. And is that, who can re-read the Harry Potter books without imagining Daniel Radcliffe, for example? 

On the other hand, adaptations to movies and series can be useful for children who are not very fond of reading. In those cases, having them watch the movie first can be a way to encourage them to read the book it’s based on. 

However, once you’ve seen any book-to-film adaptation, you may want to explore how the film differs from the source material . They are, after all, interpretations and often liberties are taken. That is why today we want to bring you some movies and series that come out of children’s books.

7 adaptations to series and movies of classic children’s novels:

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
  • Matilda (1996)
  • Merlin’s Adventures (2009)
  • Wonder (2017)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  • Cursed (2020)
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Roald Dahl’s endearing 1970 children’s novel comes to life in stunning stop-motion format in this Oscar-nominated Best Animation film from Wes Anderson. However, this is not the best of all, since it is played by a cast of stars from the best of Hollywood, such as George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman.

This is centered on a smart fox who must outwit three evil farmers who try by all means to harm him and his family. We find ourselves before a great movie for any summer weekend to watch quietly and have a good time with the family or even alone, enjoying the wonders of Wes Anderson.

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Matilda (1996)

Let’s go with another Roald Dahl classic that has given a lot of itself: an audiobook read by Kate Winslet, a Broadway musical and several film versions, although the best known and loved is the version by Danny DeVito, among others, from 1996.

Matilda is a child prodigy with telekinetic powers , although neither her strange parents nor the bully headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, want to realize it. Luckily, the girl catches the attention of her wonderful teacher, Miss Honey (whom we all love), who takes Matilda under her wing and will care for her talent of hers.

This faithful adaptation of that book that almost all of us have read as children was not a huge success when it was released, but it has endured as one of the most popular children ‘s movies around.

Matilda Wormwood’s parents may not show her much love, but readers of Roald Dahl’s classic will instantly find a place in their hearts for this very special girl. You can watch it on Apple TV+.

Merlin’s Adventures (2009)

We leave with the mythical story of King Arthur, although this time and in this series they wanted to focus on his famous friend Merlin. And, this review will take us to a very young Camelot, starring Colin Morgan and Bradley James, in the roles of the magician Merlin and the future King Arthur.

The Adventures of Merlin, which premiered on the BBC on September 20, 2008, is a new take on the timeless legends of King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and, of course, Merlin himself. Reimagines Merlin and Arthur as something more contemporary and does not leave magic and science fiction behind to transport us to other worlds.

The five seasons of the series are currently available in Spain through Netflix. 65 episodes full of magic, battles, creatures and love.

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Wonder (2017)

This moving but rewarding novel (now a film) follows Auggie as he goes to school for the first time. It might all seem normal, but August “Auggie” Pullman is used to being stared at everywhere. Although he feels like a normal 10-year-old in many ways, he doesn’t look like other 10-year-olds, as Auggie was born with a rare facial anomaly. 

Having been homeschooled by his parents, the time has come for this special child to join others, but sadly it won’t be easy. 

Unsurprisingly, Hollywood adapted Auggie’s heartwarming story into a hit movie in 2017 starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay. You certainly can’t miss it. You have it available on HBO Max.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Willy Wonka is one of Roald Dahl’s most eccentric and extravagant characters and it is not surprising that filmmakers like Tim Burton missed the opportunity to take him to the movies.

Wonka is the most extraordinary chocolatier in the world and both the children and their parents are desperate to visit his famous factory, but of course, you can only enter if you get one of the golden tickets that you can find in his chocolate bars.

Charlie Bucket and four very characteristic children will be the lucky ones to enter this curious factory, to know its entrails, as well as the great Willy Wonka.

Note that Gene Wilder is unforgettable as Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), but more recently the role was played by the great Johnny Depp in this crazy version of 2005 . It is available on HBO Max.

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Cursed (2020)

This series that drew attention when it came out on Netflix but that little by little has been forgotten, tells the story of the Lady of the Lake, mainly known for being the one who gives the Excalibur sword to Arthur. 

This is a somewhat free adaptation of the book, although it is logical since despite knowing the identity, little was known about this character.

Well, here we will find a young Nimue, who will ally with a mercenary named Arthur to find the magician Merlin and give him a powerful sword, not much more to say. It is available on Netflix in case you want to delve into their fantasy worlds.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

When Alice follows a talking white rabbit down its burrow, it will be the beginning of an adventure beyond her imagination. The curious girl will soon meet a strange variety of characters, such as the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the funny but evil Queen of Hearts. 

As you enter this magical fantasy land, you will be faced with battles and endless tea parties. Disney first introduced Alice in its 1951 animation, but two major live -action Hollywood adaptations have since followed, directed by Tim Burton, who, as we know, loves to push characters and their aesthetics to extremes. 

His first film, Alice in Wonderland (2010), raised more than a billion dollars at the box office, although yes, here little fidelity to the book, but of course, it is Tim Burton. You can watch it on Disney+.

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