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6 very naughty Christmas movies that it is better not to see with children


The time of the year most loved and hated by all arrives. Some love Christmas, others not so much. And it is legal to have any of these feelings, because it is our experiences that pull more from one side or the other. That’s why this selection of very unconventional Christmas movies.

Christmas movies are a classic as sacred as the Christmas tree, Christmas food, the man called Santa Claus and the Christmas lights of the cities that both blind and fall in love with passers-by. It is engraved on fire that on those dates one sits with the family and puts on the classic of that house.

Of course, here it goes for families. Some are more from Jingle All the Way, that Arnold Schwarzenegger classic in which he had to find that Christmas toy that his son was so excited about. Others are more of watching one of Tim Allen’s 90’s Santa Claus movies.

It is clear that it depends on the family whether one movie or another is watched. For example, in mine we’re from Love Actually, because we’re into English humor, Monty Python and Rock & Roll (you’ll have to see it if you’re curious). But today they don’t play these movies, today it’s the turn of the hooligans.

For that reason you are here. You want a selection of different movies to watch at Christmas and that are out of the norm. Know that all the ones you have here today take place at Christmas time and are decorated for the occasion. Of course, they boast of having very little Christmas spirit.

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Without further ado, let’s go to the list that we have prepared for you from ComputerHoy so that, once the children go to bed, the older ones can enjoy some good Christmas movies with which to have a laugh and toast the man who is strains through the chimney every December 25.

To the crystal jungle

Holly Gennero is an executive working in Los Angeles for Nakatomi Corporation, a major Japanese multinational. Coinciding that it is the Christmas holidays, Mr. Takagi, owner of the company, decides to give a party for the employees in his prestigious Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper.

Holly receives a visit from her husband John, a New York police officer whom she has not seen for months due to work reasons. When night falls they both go to the fabulous party. The evening passes normally until suddenly a group of twelve men take over the building with the aim of stealing 600 million dollars.

It’s a Christmas movie because it happens at Christmas, right? This party classic never fails on television and no wonder. Bruce Willis’s best performance as an actor and one of the best action movies ever.

You have it available on Disney+ within its catalog and if you want to rent it you can also find it on YouTube, Movistar Plus+ and on Apple TV+. Be that as it may, you have to see it. Yippie ki yay.


Young Billy Peltzer receives a rather unusual gift for Christmas. His father, a clueless inventor, buys him a strange pet named Mogwai. Despite its kind and huggable appearance, special care must be taken with the pet.

It is important that you do not come into contact with water and, above all, that you do not eat after midnight. But due to an oversight, Mogwai gets wet and several companions just like him come out of it, of course, this time they are a bit perverse.

This gang of naughty creatures will do everything possible to eat after midnight. If you didn’t see the Gremlins as a child we don’t blame you, they were scary and too badass for our parents to let us enjoy it in peace.

Another Christmas classic that cannot be missing every Christmas, seeing it is as sacred a tradition as eating nougat and polvorones after the Christmas meal. In our house the parties don’t start until Gizmo puts order to the mess that the gremlins make.

Bad Santa

Willie, a bitter and lonely alcoholic, works every Christmas season in the malls dressed as Santa Claus with his partner Marcus, who plays the elf.

Every Christmas Eve, they disconnect the security alarm after the mall closes, and they bust the safe. In their new destination they will meet a security chief who is suspicious of them, and a very peculiar child, in whose house Willie will stay.

This one is a hooligan. What’s more, it’s the movie we were thinking about when we selected the theme, we confess it. And it is that Billy Bob Thornton has the face of a pimp and a bad guy, which fits perfectly with the role he plays in Bad Santa.

Unfortunately you only have it to buy on Prime Video and Apple TV+, I hope it will reach the library of one of these platforms this Christmas. Amazon, work your magic… or Netflix, or HBO Max. Anything is worth us as long as we can see Billy Bob Thornton again.

The ghosts attack the boss

Satire of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The overflowing joy of the Christmas holidays causes Frank Cross to suffer from ghostly hallucinations that caused a whole generation to laugh in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Cross, who has made a meteoric career from the most modest position in the shipping department of a TV network to the presidency, is stingy, unpleasant, thankless, unforgiving and with a cruel sense of humor.

Before Christmas Eve is over, she’ll receive a visit from a puzzling New York taxi driver from the past, a bizarre fairy from the present, and a sadistic messenger from the future. If you haven’t seen it and want to laugh with a great Bill Murray, you have to see it now. That if, without children, please.

We have this film on Prime Video in high definition and at no cost, since it is part of the company’s catalog (that is, you have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime, nothing more). Honestly, Bill Murray doesn’t make a bad movie.

El Grinch

The Grinch is a monster with green fur that wears a very terrifying smile from ear to ear. An exiled misanthropist, he has lived in a cave on Mount Crumpit for 53 years with his dog Max. He feeds on lettuce juice, castor oil and sour milk, and has too small a heart to love anyone.

The Grinch became a grumpy hermit and cruel prankster who hates Christmas and everything to do with it. Especially the Christmas of the inhabitants of Villa Quien. His preparations for parties and his melodious songs always drive him crazy.

One day he has a monstrous idea: he dresses as Santa Claus, builds a sleigh, disguises his reindeer dog and goes from house to house with a huge empty sack to steal all the gifts, trees, sweets and turkeys and thus ruin the people. inhabitants of Villa Quien on Christmas morning.

If you have children at home and they are too young, this movie may seem terrifying because of Jim Carrey, who plays the Grinch in a fantastic way (there is no better actor as far as physical comedy is concerned). If you hate Christmas, this is your movie… or almost.

Nightmare Before Christmas

When Jack Skellington, Lord of Halloween, discovers Christmas, he is fascinated and decides to improve it. However, his vision of the holiday is totally contrary to the Christmas spirit, which is why it is part of this list of films so peculiar.

His plans include the kidnapping of Santa Claus and the introduction of rather macabre changes. Only his girlfriend Sally is aware of the mistake she is making. And up to here we can read from one of the Christmas classics.

The work of the brilliant filmmaker Tim Burton , it holds first place at Filmaffinity in two categories: Best Halloween Movie or Series and Best Horror Food. As for the Best work of stop-motion animation, the fifth is left (not bad).

We do not recommend this to see with children because it can be terrifying. From the drawing to the environment and the music. That if, is a masterpiece that every adult should see and enjoy. In addition, he has his macarra touch. Perfect to close our list.

And these are our six very naughty Christmas movies that it is better not to see with children, surely you have another list with six equally good or better movies, so do not hesitate to reply to us on networks with your favorites to watch this Christmas season no kids around.

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